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If you are not good with other languages just press the first button and it will take you to the “google translate” where you can translate everything you want.

And if you want learn other languages just press the “Duolingo” button and it will take to a page where you can  learn languages but you need also to have an “email”.

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Here you can find a lot of good games and play them .

In this website you can see that there are three  buttons wich if you press them you go to three different pages with games.

The first one is “Y8” where you can play any category of games  like: sports, war,tactical games and other kinds.

The second one is “FRIV” where you also can find a lot of games that many people like.

And finally  the third one is “IO” in there you can find all io games like:agar.io,foes.io,diep.io,wings.io and other  io games.

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Here now you can see the button that say “Online QUIZ” and if you press it  you can  go to a page that has  all kinds of quizess starting from the first grade to twelve grade.

 here you also can do quizess for anything that you want to now about world

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Online Shops

Online shoping can help you to gon to online shops and buy anything you need.

It can helps you by choosing wich shop do you want and  pressing that button .

If you press the best button it takes you to the “AMAZON” offica page and if you press the second button  it takes to my online shop wish is calles “JONI SHOP”.

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ART ideas

Now if you are an ART fan you are to the best website to get the right ideas for your paintings.

You can do that by pressing this button wich says “ART ideas” and then you will be to an ART page that has colorfull art ideas and than you can start drawing

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Comic Books

Now in my page you can see a green button that if you press it, it will take you to a page that you can read comic books.In that page you will see all kinds of comic books like:superheroes,real life and other kinds.

So if you are interested in reading  you are in the right website.

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If you want to hear music you are in the right website in the right corner , just press the “POP Hits” button  and you wiil be to the best POP music.There you will see some of pop singers like : MC Kresha, Lyrical Son,Mozzik,Getinjo,

,Ledri Vula  etcetra.

If you press the first button yo can hear Mozzik.

Iif yo press the second button you can hear Getinjo.

If you press the other buttons you can hear the other singers that are named in the buttons.

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