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Ninja sword


The swords considered to be those used by ninjas are quite specific. Firstly, compared with those of samurais, they are straight and short. The length of the blade is about 540 mm. On the other hand, samurais swords have a curve on the blade for sharpness and the length of the blade is about 700 mm. It is believed that the reason why ninja’s swords have these characteristics is for various functions of use. The existence of ninjas swords during early times is unclear. Of course it is absolutely true that ninjas used specific swords for their missions. However, the swords considered to be ninja’s swords that remain today were all made in the Edo-period. Real Ninja swords that were used during the warring states period much before the edo period have not been found.
I am going to list some questions and hypotheses about ninja swords. Ninjas wanted their identities to remain a mystery so it would be the ultimate failure to be identified. For this reason, would a ninja carry a sword with characteristics that showed their real identity? Certainly not. samurai’s were the opposite, their swords carried swords that showed to which clan they were a part of. The Edo-period was the age when ninjas were reduced to lower samurais. So it can be believed that ruined ninjas created the swords which made them remember that they had been ninjas for their remembered glory and pride. So the swords that we believe as real ninja swords may be such things. But even if so, the swords that belonged to ninjas in the Warring States period are not probably so different from the ninja swords we have today.
I am going to introduce the functions of ninjas swords under the assumption that the swords we have today are those that were used by them.


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